Tea Partier headlines Civitas/Americans for Prosperity ads and tour

DonnaKing.jpgAfter running deceptive ads about the state budget that the media called "egregious," two Art Pope organizations -- the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and Civitas Institute -- are following it up with a speaking tour. The headline act? A member of a for-profit Tea Party pyramid scheme.

As Progress NC previously reported, the TV ads sponsored by the extreme conservative groups Americans for Prosperity and the Civitas Institute are full of lies and distortions about the effect of the 2011 state budget on education. The Charlotte Observer called the NC Real Solutions ads "egregious" as they deny the plainly obvious cuts to education dictated by this budget. 

Conservatives know that their cuts to education are terribly unpopular and this is their attempt to muddy the waters. They aren't fooling anyone.

Apparently -- having convinced no one with their spin -- the conservative attack machine is now planning a statewide tour.

The featured speaker on their statewide tour will be Donna King, the woman featured in their TV ad. I'm sure to no one's surprise, Ms. King is hardly an impartial voice. She a tea party conservative activist and a regular contributor to WakeUpAmerica.com

WakeUpAmerica is a conservative political pyramid scheme started in North Carolina. The website for this enterprise looks like a for-profit business masquerading as a grassroots organization. Ms. King regularly posts news articles to this website. Among the articles she posts are entries by conservative icons Phyllis Schlafly, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

You can read Ms. King's description of Wake Up America right here. In her own words, Wake Up America is "an effort to harness the passion of the Tea Party movement" and to have a "strategy to use massive media campaigns to spark outrage among conservatives." Sound familiar?

So what's the point? Don't trust anything you hear from NC Real Solutions. Not only are they attempting to sweep the GOP's huge education cuts under the rug, they are part of a national attempt to dismantle public education.

When you hear political messages, it's important to first consider the source. In this particular case, NC Real Solutions is nothing but Tea Party hot air.

Justin Guillory is Research and Communications Director of Progress North Carolina, where an earlier version of this story appeared.

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