Who Is Art Pope?

Art Pope is one of the most influential political money men in North Carolina and a close national ally of the billionaire Koch brothers. But many people don't know who Pope is or what he's doing behind the scenes. Art Pope Exposed is your source to follow Pope's money, network and agenda and what it means for you. Click on this short video for more about Art Pope.

PopeTeachIn3.jpgWant to know what all the Art Pope buzz is about? Curious to know more about his political network and its influence on everything from cuts to North Carolina schools to the state's anti-gay marriage amendment? Learn about this and more at Art Pope Exposed, a community teach-in on Tuesday, December 13 in Raleigh.

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Best Art Pope Protest Signs

North Carolina multimillionaire and powerbroker Art Pope insists he's not part of the 1%. But he's been a favorite target of Occupy Wall Street-inspired protests that have taken place across the state over the last two months. Here are some of the signs ArtPopeExposed.com has run across.

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PopeBNF.jpgWho are the worst of the 1% -- the wealthy few who are doing the most to "damage our economy and our democracy?" The progressive film group Brave New Foundation is asking readers to chose among 30 finalists for the dubious distinction, and North Carolina's Art Pope is on the list.

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KingStreetPatriots.jpgAmericans for Prosperity, led and largely funded by the Koch brothers and Art Pope, is launching a tour in battleground Florida this week featuring a discredited Texas Tea Party leader notorious for exaggerated claims about voter fraud. What's their real agenda?

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WakeCoSchools.jpg.jpgVoters in Wake County, N.C. have shifted political power on the local school board, ending a Republican majority backed by leading conservative benefactor Art Pope that worked to end the system's nationally recognized desegregation policy.

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North Carolina multimillionaire Art Pope and his groups are often called "libertarian" in their political outlook. But Pope has veered from the views of most libertarians on at least one key issue: gay marriage.

Pope's family foundation has steered nearly $1 million into leading anti-gay marriage organizations, including $860,000 into a North Carolina group leading the push to amend the state's constitution to prohibit gay marriage.

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CainAFP.jpgJust when you thought the 2012 presidential race couldn't get any stranger, along comes this video clip from today's Americans for Prosperity conference in Washington, D.C. Featured speaker and White House hopeful Herman Cain, in an apparent reference to recent reports that AFP and its backers the Koch brothers were critical to launching his political career, responded with a quip that removes any doubt about Cain's association. Check it out after the fold.

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CutTheStrings.jpgIn North Carolina, Art Pope's money reigns. No other millionaire benefactor orchestrates a political network and electoral machine like Pope does in the state. In response, elections watchdog Democracy North Carolina has launched a petition campaign calling on Pope to stop the flood of corporate money in politics.

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PaulChesser2.jpgOil, gas and coal companies are stepping up attacks on scientists who support the growing consensus about climate change. Their new strategy: Lawsuits demanding that climate scholars at public universities divulge their emails, research and other documents. A new investigation at Facing South finds that the crusade is heavily backed by energy interests and right-wing donors like Art Pope, who launched the career of a climate denial leader.

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CivActionLosurdo.pngEarlier this month, Art Pope's political machine was dealt a blow when two Pope-backed candidates for the Wake County, N.C. school board were defeated. Heather Losurdo, a third candidate supported by Pope's network, trailed but was able to force a run-off in November, which has led Pope's group Civitas Action to unleash phone calls attacking Losurdo's Democratic opponent, Kevin Hill. Bob Geary of The Independent Weekly reports.

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