Who Is Art Pope?

Art Pope is one of the most influential political money men in North Carolina and a close national ally of the billionaire Koch brothers. But many people don't know who Pope is or what he's doing behind the scenes. Art Pope Exposed is your source to follow Pope's money, network and agenda and what it means for you. Click on this short video for more about Art Pope.

PopeNetwork.jpgAn editorial writer for the Raleigh News & Observer handed Art Pope a bevy of compliments for his “humanitarian” philanthropy, extolling the list of “charities and universities the Pope Foundation blessed with $1.2 million in grants last year.” The writer, Burgetta Wheeler, managed this sweet story by cherry picking from the list of foundation recipients and committing the “one dimensional” journalism she ascribes to Pope’s detractors.

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ALimmigration.jpgThis week, the Pope-Civitas Institute is lauding Alabama’s anti-immigrant hate law (the one that led to the detention of  Mercedes-Benz exec) and attempting to argue (albeit unsuccessfully) that it is somehow responsible for a miracle turnaround in state employment statistics in the Heart of Dixie. In support of the claim, Pope-Civitas cites the anti-immigrant, hate group FAIR.

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NCFamilyPolicyCouncilSniper2011.jpgThe same week that a campaign launched to defeat an anti-gay marriage amendment in North Carolina, conservative benefactor Art Pope is slinking away from evidence that his family foundation has been a key funder of the groups pushing the constitutional change -- including a North Carolina religious right group criticized last December for using violent imagery to promote the amendment.

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Kromm_vs._Pope_2.jpgChris Kromm of Facing South ventured into the belly of the beast last Sunday, debating in person with Art Pope at a radio station in Raleigh. It was awesome. The show revealed a culture of privilege that runs deeper than I thought here in North Carolina.

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SpectacularRadio.jpg The moment has arrived: I'll be facing off against Art Pope on Sunday, Jan. 15th at 3pm for a 2-hour radio special on 106.1 FM Raleigh. The show is hosted by Phyllis Coley and Gary Jones of Spectacular Magazine.

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North Carolina lawmakers have racked up the lowest conservation scores ever in a newly released report card - and those supported by the conservative benefactor and his family members scored far below the record low average.

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MaryBeTeachIn2.jpgIn recent months, Art Pope has been thrust into the national spotlight -- and the public is eager to learn more about his money, network and influence. This week, a teach-in about Pope in Raleigh drew nearly 300 attendees in-person and online, and calls for further scrutiny of Pope's empire and agenda.

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FloatingIce.jpgClimate-science deniers with ties to the fossil-fuel industry have joined forces in an assault on North Carolina's renewable energy program and particularly wind power, which has been making big gains in the U.S. in recent years. Representatives of the American Legislative Exchange Council, American Tradition Institute and the John Locke Foundation held forums this week in the N.C. coastal communities of Wilmington and Morehead City that were heavy on emotion but shaky on the facts.

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Confederacy.jpgOn March 2-3, the Civitas Institute -- a conservative think tank largely funded by Art Pope's foundation - is hosting Battleground North Carolina, a conference designed to rally state conservatives for the 2012 elections. The website shows one featured speaker -- a right-wing talk show host who openly encourages states to secede from the country.

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NCAEBoycott2.jpgThe North Carolina Association of Educators is calling on shoppers to boycott stores owned by conservative powerbroker Art Pope this holiday season. The teachers are targeting stores in Pope's Variety Wholesalers retail chain, which includes Roses and Maxway, in response to what they call his "anti-public education" policies.

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