Who Is Art Pope?

Art Pope is one of the most influential political money men in North Carolina and a close national ally of the billionaire Koch brothers. But many people don't know who Pope is or what he's doing behind the scenes. Art Pope Exposed is your source to follow Pope's money, network and agenda and what it means for you. Click on this short video for more about Art Pope.

Real_Distortions.jpgThis week two of the pillars of the Art Pope Empire*, the Civitas Institute and Americans for Prosperity, launched a new website, N.C. Real Solutions, and produced a television ad that tries to defend the budget decisions on education, most prominently by claiming that the Republicans added state funding for 2,000 more teachers. Don’t buy it. The actual numbers tell a different story.

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AFPPhoto.pngAmount that the conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and its affiliated foundation spent over the last two years attacking Democratic candidates and initiatives including the new health care law and climate legislation: $90 million

Amount that AFP received in 2010 from the John William Pope Foundation, headed by North Carolina discount-retail magnate and conservative benefactor Art Pope, who is one of AFP's four directors: $1.6 million

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PopeValuesBus.JPGA "Values Bus Tour" organized by religious right leaders to mobilize for a North Carolina amendment against gay marriage kicks off Saturday, March 3 at a conference organized by the Art Pope-funded Civitas Institute. The state-wide tour, which will include education and a voter registration drive, is sponsored by two national groups, the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation, both of which receive money from Art Pope's foundation, as well as VoteFORMarriageNC.com.

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Pope_Indy_Weekly_Cover.jpgA joint investigation into North Carolina multimillionaire Art Pope's political empire by Facing South and the Independent Weekly was honored by the N.C. Press Association this week. The investigation, which appeared in a special March 2011 edition of The Independent, won second place for Investigative Reporting in its division.

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NotElectArtRaleigh2.jpgThe Civitas Institute, a Raleigh think tank that receives most of its money from Art Pope's family foundation, is hosting a national Conservative Leadership Conference in Raleigh, N.C. March 2-3. Activists are gearing up to demonstrate at the event, which features a speaker who advocates state secession and leaders of the movement for restrictive voter ID bills across the country.

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heartland institute logoDocuments obtained from a think tank at the center of the climate disinformation campaign confirm the important role played in financing that campaign by leading conservative North Carolina benefactor and discount-retail magnate Art Pope.

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Art_Pope_WRAL_horiz-thumb-250x147_0.jpgOCTOBER 2010 - PRESENT | Who is Art Pope? Facing South's investigative series looks at North Carolina's most influential benefactor for Republicans and conservative groups -- and his growing national power.

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MaxwayProtest2011.jpgA group of Raleigh, N.C. students is launching a picket of Maxway, one of the retail stores owned by Republican donor Art Pope. The grassroots group aims to bring attention to what they call Pope's "poisonous agenda," including attacks on public schools.

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PopeWRALFeb12.jpgIn an interview on Raleigh's WRAL TV, Art Pope responded to a question about the role of outside money in North Carolina's 2010 state legislative elections -- including his groups, which spent more than $2 million in state legislative races -- with the false claim that "the Democrats and the liberals outspent the Republicans and the conservatives." But even a group where Pope is a board member agrees that 90% of outside spending in 2010 came from groups like Pope's that supported the GOP.

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north-carolina.jpgIn 2010, Art Pope's company gave money to the national Republican State Leadership Committee, whose REDMAP project aimed to win over state legislatures in time for redistricting. As Ari Berman shows in a new piece in The Nation, this has led to new political maps that resegregate politics while consolidating GOP power.

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