Who Is Art Pope?

Art Pope is one of the most influential political money men in North Carolina and a close national ally of the billionaire Koch brothers. But many people don't know who Pope is or what he's doing behind the scenes. Art Pope Exposed is your source to follow Pope's money, network and agenda and what it means for you. Click on this short video for more about Art Pope.

JohnDroz.jpgAn activist who has worked with a group financed by leading North Carolina conservative benefactor Art Pope to discredit wind power in the state has been discovered at the center of a plot aimed at subverting the renewable energy industry nationally.

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Real_Solutions_Photo.jpgNC Real Solutions, the ad campaign launched by the Art Pope-backed Americans for Prosperity Foundation and Civitas Institute and largely discredited by the media, has hit the road with a mobile billboard driving across the state. But the message has fallen flat.

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SpinTop.jpgRepublican legislative leaders and the propaganda outfits that support them are in overdrive trying to convince voters that the budget the GOP-led General Assembly passed last summer did not damage public schools. There’s the $500,000 television ad campaign from Americans for Prosperity and the Civitas Institute that implies that the budget added teachers to classrooms. The groups are now on a tour promoting the commercial and reinforcing its claims.

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DonnaKing.jpgAfter running deceptive ads about the state budget that the media called "egregious," two Art Pope organizations -- the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and Civitas Institute -- are following it up with a speaking tour. The headline act? A member of a for-profit Tea Party pyramid scheme.

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Right-wing donors like the Koch brothers and Art Pope rail against the use of public money to level the campaign finance playing field. But their use of nonprofit charities -- which benefit from government subsidies -- for political activities is coming under growing scrutiny.

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KochBrosExposed.jpgThis week Brave New Foundation hosted the world premiere of its documentary film "Koch Brothers Exposed," which shows how the billionaire brothers who head the Koch Industries oil and chemical conglomerate have built their wealth by using their money to manipulate the political process.

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ServatiusLeagueoftheSouth.jpgTara Servatius, a leading blogger for the John Locke Foundation who resigned today over a racially offensive picture she posted to the group's Charlotte, N.C. blog, said in a statement today that she is "genuinely sorry" the photo "has caused controversy for the John Locke Foundation." Servatius also said there was "nothing offensive" about the blog post, and that she "didn't think about the racial implications of the picture," which showed President Obama sitting next to a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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Tara_Servatius.jpgThis morning, the president of the John Locke Foundation, John Hood, apologized on his Facebook page for a picture on their website that showed President Obama in drag with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hood also said in his Facebook comments that controversial blogger , who posted the picture and ran the blog's "Meck Deck" Twitter feed, has resigned from the Locke Foundation.

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LockeObama.jpgThe Meck Deck, an official blog of the Art Pope-funded conservative John Locke Foundation, this week published racially-charged and homophobic imagery of President Obama in a piece this on the president's opposition to North Carolina's proposed anti-gay marriage amendment. The post, which claims Obama is merely pandering to gay voters, is accompanied by an image of Obama in apparent drag while sitting next to a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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SaveChildsEducation.jpgIn recent days, a marketing campaign launched by the Pope Civitas Institute and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation began claiming that last year’s state budget -- which cut taxes on the wealthiest while slashing funds for vital public investments -- actually increased teacher positions in North Carolina. The following facts from the NC Budget & Tax Center are designed to help all North Carolinians understand the issues surrounding the budget as well as the numbers behind the budget claims.

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