Who Is Art Pope?

Art Pope is one of the most influential political money men in North Carolina and a close national ally of the billionaire Koch brothers. But many people don't know who Pope is or what he's doing behind the scenes. Art Pope Exposed is your source to follow Pope's money, network and agenda and what it means for you. Click on this short video for more about Art Pope.

state_of_conflict.png2013 proved to be a tumultuous year in North Carolina politics, and a leading journalist's TV show will examine the battles underway in a documentary that will begin airing this week -- and that draws on research by the Institute for Southern Studies, publisher of Facing South.

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civitas-logo.jpgAt a critical moment for the future of North Carolina's Medicaid program, a conservative think tank that was founded and is bankrolled by state budget director Art Pope sought funding for a campaign to portray the public health insurance program for the poor and disabled as "failed."

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sncf_civitas_open_letter_snippet.jpgA delegation of scholars from North Carolina colleges and universities delivered an open letter to Gov. Pat McCrory and state Budget Director Art Pope today, calling on them to condemn a request from a Pope-funded think tank for the correspondence and other materials from a UNC professor who's been an outspoken critic of the administration.

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DurhamPopePicket.JPGAn informational picket campaign focused on Maxway, Roses and other stores owned by Republican donor Art Pope is attracting new followers and generating fresh scrutiny of Pope's political network in North Carolina.

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PopePovertyFlier.jpgOn Monday, December 2, the North Carolina NAACP and other groups kicked off an "informational picket" campaign at retail stores owned by mega-donor and state official Art Pope. Pope is the CEO of Variety Wholesalers, owner of Maxway, Roses and other dollar-type stores, which the picket organizers say target customers who have suffered from the political agenda Pope supports in North Carolina.

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Art Pope, a conservative mega-donor and North Carolina budget director, played important but behind-the-scenes roles in the passage of one of the nation's most restrictive voting laws.

When Montravias King, a senior at North Carolina's historically black Elizabeth City State University, showed up at a hearing before the Pasquotank County Board of Elections earlier this month to defend his bid for a city council seat, he faced off against Richard "Pete" Gilbert, the local Republican Party chair.


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ArtPope1.jpgFor years, North Carolina mega-donor Art Pope kept a low profile, quietly building one of the most influential state-based political networks in the country. Now, from his perch in the cabinet of N.C.'s governor, Pope and his agenda is getting national media scrutiny. 

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North Carolina's innovative public financing program for judicial races has dramatically reduced the amount of special-interest money flowing into judges' campaigns and served as a model for other states, but it's now under threat from conservative politicians.




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Over the last week, GOP lawmakers have unleashed a flurry of bills that would make sweeping changes to North Carolina elections. They share a common message -- and a common sponsor, backed by one of the state's biggest political donors.

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ArtPopeAFP_1.jpgA group backed by the Koch brothers and Art Pope, offering a conservative spin on U.S. history, is being promoted as a resource for North Carolina school teachers.

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